Our key valuation methods used to valuate property include:

  • Comparison Method
  • Cost Method
  • Investment Method
  • Profits Method
  • Residual Method

Property valuation is our main expertise and therefore remains our core practice. We value a wide range of properties including but not limited to:

Residential property which consists of detached house/bungalow, flat/terrace house, townhouse and apartment/condominium…

Commercial property which includes hotel, guesthouse, serviced apartment, night club, clubhouse, resort, petrol station, restaurant and retail outlets.

Industrial property which includes factory, warehouse, power plant and brick kiln.

Agricultural property which includes paddy field, rubber plantation, pig breeding farm, monkey breeding farm and crocodile breeding farm, etc. Fully recognized by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association, our valuation can be used for multiple purposes including sale/purchase of property, mortgage/financing, accounting/ internal management, initial public offering/ share issuance, joint ventures, insurance and taxation, entry visa application, and other purposes.

Through our local extensive real estate networks and on-going market research coupled with our multiple valuation methods being applied you can rest assured that our property valuation is objective and unbiased.

Our valuation report details the profile of the subject property and its surrounding environment as well as the valuation methods in which the valuation is based.

Decision makers need a valuation firm staffed by professionals who offer strategic thinking, tax and accounting expertise, unparalleled appraisal knowledge.


  • Sale and purchase
  • Lease

In addition to property valuation, we also provide property agency services including sale/purchase and lease of all types of properties for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, investment and development purposes within Phnom Penh and countrywide. We are here and ready to help you to find what you are looking for.


Our key valuation methods used to valuate property include:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Management of lease
  • Due diligence of new tenants
  • Rental collection
  • Financial account reporting
  • Consulting and legal advices

EYES offers the hassle-free property management solutions at reasonable price to those real estate investors or owners of residential and commercial properties, who seek to maximize financial return on investment and to save time for their important business activities. Our property management services include:

  • Sales and marketing for new tenants
  • Management and administration of lease and contract
  • Due diligence and screening of new tenants
  • Rental collection and customer complaint
  • Financial account reporting and management
  • Consulting and legal advices on relevant regulations and laws
  • On-site repair and maintenance


  • Design, implementation and management
  • Strategic advice and marketing consultancy on pricing strategy
  • Feasibility and viability reports
  • Market research and trends
  • Post-sales client service and management

Our specialized team provides property developers with the following services:

  • Design, implementation and management of sales and marketing strategy including ‘off plan’ and completed product for various sized new development projects.
  • Strategic advice and marketing consultancy on pricing strategy and structure, project branding and positioning, product design and concept, and scheme to maximize return on investment.
  • Feasibility and viability reports
  • Market research and trends
  • Post-sales client service and management


  • Tangible asets
  • Intangible asets

Accurate, defensible valuations of tangible assets play a critical role in many business situations, ranging from the mundane to the esoteric. Real and personal property valuations are important for tax and financial reporting, asset monitoring, property insurance, ad valorem taxes and replacement budgeting. At the other end of the spectrum, valuation of assets can be an indispensable tool in establishing prices, justifying positions to stockholders and satisfying governmental concerns in the course of corporate mergers, acquisitions, refinancing and restructuring.


Because businesses are often worth far more than the sum of their hard assets and working capital, a crucial aspect of EYES’s valuation services involves valuing intangible assets. These assets must be valued for purchase price allocation purposes when a business is acquired. In addition to real estate and machinery/equipment valuations, EYES has extensive experience valuing intangible assets, and establishing the useful lives of such assets.


The value of a company’s business enterprise is critical and necessary information for management. For public companies, an accurate business valuation is necessary for compliance with numerous one of standardized for private companies, knowing the business enterprise value is a necessary step when dealing with gift and estate taxes, stock compensation, for possible sale of the company or equity interests in it, and for capital structuring.


We own and maintain database of more than 30,000 residential property sellers/buyers/investors that have been customized for our residential and new homes sales teams.


It has been pointed and maintained more than 50,000 properties noticed as valuation services of our Valuation Department, and also tax payment values of all areas in Cambodia.


At EYES REAL ESTATE we emphasize both customer-driven service quality and price competitiveness.

We guarantee that our price is very competitive and we are open for further negotiation with your esteemed organization.

Residential$150 - $200$170 - $300
Commercial$170 - $250$250 - $500
Industrial$220 - $300$300 - $500
Agriculture$170 - $350$350 - $3,550

* Prices are indicative, standard and are subject to discussion and negotiation.

* Up to 10% discount for three months commencing from the date of corporation

* Up to 50% discount for revaluation less than one year

* Valuation Executive Report only $60 - $80 per case.